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International Youth Energy Organisation
The Internet platform BRICS YEA Network
BRICS YEA presents the first online platform for young scientists and energy researchers from the BRICS countries. It is an unique opportunity to communicate with like-minded people and participate or even initiate energy research.

BRICS Youth Energy Outlook-2019

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Gather a team of 3 to 8 young researchers and analysts

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Start developing the outlook and become a member of an international development team

Become a developer of the international forecast of the development of the fuel and energy complex of the BRICS countries and visit the International Forum “REW-2019“

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Platform

Involving Russian youth in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda until 2030 (UN)

BRICS YEA supports the Sustainable Development Goals and contributes to promotion of the Goal #7 “Ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy sources for everybody.“ We all have to contribute to development of sustainable and affordable energy because it depends only on us how energy development will change this world.

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Our Events

Take a look at the photos from the numerous meetings and BRICS YEA’s workshops since 2015.



BRICS YEA Summit-2018 took place as part of the “Russian Energy Week“ International Forum 2018, and the delegates had a unique opportunity to meet Russian and Internationally renowned experts in energy industry.

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Alexander Novak

Minister of Energy of Russia

Anton Inyutsyn

Deputy Minister of Energy

Leonid Grigoriev

Chief adviser to the head of the Analytical center under the Government of the Russian Federation

Olga Yudina

Deputy Head of Department, Ministry of Energy of Russia

Manpreet Singh Manna


Purnima Anand

President, BRICS International Forum


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