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October 4-6, 2018

Russian Energy Saving Festival #TogetherBrighter

Russian energy saving Festival #TogetherBrighter is an activity drawing the attention of the Russian citizens to the topics of careful use of energy resources as well as to applying modern energy efficient technologies for home use and for industrial goals. The Festival has received its popular name “Useful Holiday” in the Russian regions. The event has been held since 2016, when the festival took place in 77 regions of the country.

In 2017 the Organization of the Festival was mainly supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, the Federal Youth Agency, Contributing to Housing and Utility Reform Fund, the Russian Student Society, regional agencies as well as with information support of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Nature and social agencies.

Festival Events

A social campaign held in September-October 2017 was aimed at popularization of the energy saving lifestyle: thematic lessons and weeks of energy conservation at schools and kindergartens, themed quizzes, quests, essay competitions for students and youth, meetings of power engineers with students, Doors Open Days at the enterprises of the fuel and energy sector, work-improvement suggestion competitions in energy sector field, charitable events aimed at replacing traditional bulbs with energy-saving ones, etc.

Activities for children and youth

Over 3 million students, tens of thousands of pre-school children in the country took part in thematic events in their educational institutions, hundreds of special secondary and higher educational institutions joined the Festival.

– Thematic energy conservation lessons, thematic week of energy conservation in the educational institutes unified lesson in Russia “Ecology and energy conservation“;
– Game programs, quests, quizzes;
– Competitions of creative works and projects.

The “Message of Good” event

In 2017 as a part of cooperation between the Russian Festival #TogetherBrighter and the World Festival of Youth and Students (WFMS) the “Message of Good” event was held, during which students and young people from different regions of Russia could write a letter to the foreign students and people of the same age with a proposal to become friends together and carry out joint events in the field of energy conservation and ecology.
As a result of the event the Federal Organizational Committee #TogetherBrighter received a few thousand letters from 50 regions of the country. The “Message of Good” event represents an opportunity not only for communication of youth, it also draws people’s attention to the idea of protecting natural resources and international expansion of the #TogetherBrighter Festival.

Social initiatives

Regional Organizing Committees of #TogetherBrighter implemented many creative ideas in 2017 informing the citizens about energy conservation activities, energy and electrical safety:
– Energy efficient technologies boulevard;
– Sociabla and charitable events;
– Creative initiatives;
– Flashmobs.

Signing of the Declaration on personal contribution to improving the energy efficiency of the Russian economy

The signing of Declarations on the conservation of resources in 2017 was organized through several channels: on festival areas in the form of holidays, electronically on the website, on the forms in the organizations supporting the festival, during social actions for the citizens.

For 2 years of holding the campaign the Declaration was joint by nearly 90 000 people, who exceeds similar initiatives in other sectors

Initiatives of Fuel and Energy Companies

Festival #TogetherBrighter has become a global social activity in Russia and in fact a social movement in favour of energy conservation, the work of power engineers and the popularization of the professions of the fuel and energy sector.


Participate in the Russian energy saving Festival #TogetherBrighter !

Energy efficiency and energy saving is the main energy resource of the 21st century. Each of us can try to take care of energy resources and make a personal contribution to the development of his country.

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